People With Disabilities

DirectConnect works with organizations that are focused on helping people with disabilities.

We help by providing mobility equipment such as crutches and wheelchairs, and to provide access with such things as wheelchair ramps.

Other equipment would include, lifts, standers, and portable toilets.

How We Are Helping

Success! Wheelchairs in Kosovo

In September 2016 our wheelchair project in Kosovo became a reality. This project was a joint effort with DirectConnet Humanitarian Aid (DCHA), ROC Wheels from Bozeman, Montana, and HandiKos in Kosovo. ROC Wheels is known in the industry for making the best...

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Kosovo wheelchair project moving forward.

DCHA representatives Steve Doty and Mike Harbour met with Kosovo governmental representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare during their visit to Kosovo in May 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Ministry of the planned joint wheelchair...

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Wheelchairs for Kosovo

Recently DCHA was in Kosovo providing training for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. We were there at the request of HandiKos, a non-profit organization in Kosovo that provides support to paralyzed people. During our visit we were asked about the...

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Wheelchair Ramp for young woman

During our visit to Kosovo in February 2014 we made some home visits to assess how some people with paralysis are coping at home. At one home which we visited we were introduced to a young lady named Nerxhivan Berisha who had fallen and suffered a severe back injury....

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