Our wheelchair project in Kosovo became a reality. This project was a joint effort with DirectConnect Humanitarian Aid (DCHA), ROC Wheels from Bozeman, Montana, and HandiKos in Kosovo. ROC Wheels is known in the industry for making the best wheelchairs for severely disabled children. HandiKos is a non-profit organization in Kosovo that provides assistance to paralyzed people. HandiKos worked for many months to assess the needs within a certain demographic and then provided a list of eligible recipients. These chairs ranged from basic to very specialized wheelchairs designed to meet individual needs from moderate to severe. This was a very “hands on” project with many people using their special talents to ensure the best care and comfort to all wheelchair recipients.


Lisa Maurer, seating specialist from Anchorage, Alaska, (L) makes some positioning adjustments with the help from HandiKos staff. Mother of the child (C) helps as well.


                                                                                Each chair had a worksheet developed to provide detailed information about the recipient of the chair.


                                                   Mr. Wayne Hanson, Founder of ROC Wheels, (R) makes some final adjustments.



                   Arben Shabani (DCHA) makes some adjustments while mom attends to her son.


Wayne Hanson gives young girl her first test run.

                              Wayne Hanson gives young girl her final inspection and  first test run.


Each recipient received a congratulations, certificate and a photo.                                                                                                                               Everyone gets a certificate that makes them feel special.