A flight of stairs, even a short flight, can be an insurmountable barrier to a person who is confined to a wheelchair. Bahrije was in this situation, not being able to leave her home easily. People with disabilities in such a place understand the old saying “so close, yet so far away”.

DCHA was very happy to be able to remove this barrier for Bahrije by purchasing a suitable ramp for her.

Such a simple solution can make all the difference to a person with physical challenges.

We also visited the home of Mr. Ardit whose eleven-year-old son has muscular dystrophy. The family was having a difficult time carrying their son up the outside steps of their home. We were able to provide the funds necessary to install an outside lift to bring their son safely into his home or down to the ground.

Ardit guides his son into the lift.

With his son safely secured, the lift is closed.

On the way down!

The DCHA Team visited the home of Remzike (below) and her family in March 2019. She suffered a broken neck in a fall some years ago and was confined to a wheelchair. She was basically confined to her home, unable to go down steps to the street level. She just needed a lift!
After meeting her children and her husband, we saw that she was determined to meet her family’s needs and not let her disability be a hindrance. She was just needing a little bit more mobility. We were able to get a lift installed at her home so that she can be more productive.

Remzike looks past the railing which might as well be prison bars. 

Construction of the new lift.

Down on the ground and ready to go!