Medical Supplies

DirectConnect provides basic medical supplies such as bandages, sterile gloves, syringes, and small medical devices for clinics and hospitals. Larger medical devices may also be provided on a limited basis.

Medicines are also provided to help prevent and treat various illnesses such as malaria, typhoid, tetanus and other common ailments.

How We Are Helping

Southeast Asia Medical Clinic

Southeast Asia Medical Clinic

Because of the generous support from our donors, we have been able to financially support the PEME clinic in Southeast Asia with medicines that will last for six months before we will need to reorder for another six months. We have been supporting this clinic since...

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Update on Pressure Sore Care

Update on Pressure Sore Care

DirectConnect was contacted by HandiKos, a non-profit organization in Kosovo, and asked to bring medical professionals to Kosovo to address the problem of pressure sores. This condition affects many people suffering from paralysis. DCHA responded by bringing two...

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