Many homes in the villages of Belarus are quite old and in need of repair. We were asked if it would be possible to repair the roof of a home of a widow and her three children. We agreed to provide the funds and are happy to report that the repairs have been completed.

This roof was needing repair for for a widow with the three children

The woman in the photo below was in desperate need to have her stove/heater repaired before the winter. These large brick structures not only provide heat in the home, but are used to cook on. Her ailing husband was unable to repair the stove/heater, so we provided the funds to hire a contractor who rebuilt the home’s much needed stove/heater. The family was very grateful.

Brick Stove / Heater to be rebuilt.

One woman who was a widow with a 10 year old son, was called at her job and told that her house was on fire. When she arrived the fire department was there, and the fire out, but the damage inside the home was significant. She had no way to afford the repairs to her home or to replace the damaged contents. Many volunteers responded to her home and did an amazing job with the cleanup and repairs. There was just so much that could be done by the volunteers, but some materials needed to be purchased to finish the work. We were able to provide the funds to purchase  the materials necessary to complete the job.

Damage inside the house.

Steve Doty, DCHA walks through to assess the damage.

Repairs underway.

A thankful homeowner overcome with emotion.