This is the story of Tong Phuoc Phu. This man had been to a clinic with his pregnant wife when he noticed other women coming in pregnant and leaving without babies. He found out that the doctor was disposing of the aborted fetuses into the garbage. He asked if he could have the fetuses in order to give them a proper burial. So far, in the last fourteen years, he has given proper burial to over 20,000 fetuses. He has two areas that he has made for burial and gives each fetus a name that he takes from the Bible.

Mr. Phuoc shows us how he buries and names the children

A most sobering site to see….

…and sad.

Mr. Phuoc felt he needed to do more so he began to talk with the women who were coming to the clinic seeking abortions, to ask if they wanted to keep their babies. Many say that they cannot afford to keep them because they are very poor. He tells them that if they will decide to have the baby, he will take care of it for them. He also provides a place for the mother to stay until the baby is born. After the baby is born, he tells them that they must agree to stay for a while and breast feed the baby because he has no ability to feed a newborn. Afterwards if they decide to leave, he keeps the child with him. There are doctors in his area that tell women seeking an abortion that they must first talk with Mr. Phuoc. He has saved over 250 children that he cares for in small makeshift orphanages. He said approximately one-third of the mothers have come back to ask if they can have their children back. Of course he says yes.

Young pregnant girl with Mr. Phuoc waiting for her baby to be born.

Mothers attending to their newborns.

DCHA Team Member Bach Pham encourages the young mothers.

DCHA Team Member Su Nguyen holds newborn

DCHA Team Member Suzanne Burns holds one of the young children cared for by Mr. Phuoc.

We asked Mr. Phuoc what we could do to help and what were some of his needs. One immediate need was for a rice cooker. He explained that he also needed a small water heater installed in the shower at a small place that he rents for the pregnant women. He said this warm shower is needed for the mother and new baby after she has given birth.  He also said that he needed some mattresses and clothing. DCHA took Mr. Phuoc to some local stores and purchased the mattresses, along with bulk food items that were needed as well. DCHA had also brought dresses handmade by volunteers to be given to orphan girls. Other items were purchased to be given to the small boys.

Shower installed with warm water for the newborn and mom.

Picking out mattresses.

Dresses for little girls

DCHA Team member Marlowe Burns listens to a young girl read


All the children call Mr. Phuoc “papa”, for indeed he is their father. There is no doubt that this man will be regarded as a modern day “Oscar Schindler” who interceded to save these children from certain death. They will get older, get married and have families. They will be able to look back and realize that they owe their lives to this amazing man who believed they deserved to have the right to live.

DCHA Director Steve Doty checks out the school work.