They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The face of this lady pictured in the introduction to the blog,¬† tells the story of a difficult life and needing hope.

We visited some very poor areas in Vietnam and worked with our local contacts  to bring relief to many in need of food items and some basic essentials such as hygiene items. We have visited the same places many times over the years and they know us when we come.  We also let the people know that we understand that this small gift we bring will not greatly improve their difficult lives but it will remind them that we have not forgotten them and that they are in our hearts. This idea that we have not forgotten them means more to them than the food basket that we bring.

Poor people arrive to receive a gift bag of food and essential items.

DCHA Team member, Bach Pham carries food bag to give to the poor.

DCHA Team member, Tran Pham carries a bag of rice to be given to a family.

DCHA Team member gives the personal touch.

DCHA Director, Steve Doty receives appreciation from a man with a family to support.

DCHA Team: Bach Pham, Tran Pham, Steve Doty, Carolyn Barnett and Su Nguyen