DirectConnect recently completed a water project in Southeast Asia. The village committee in a remote area approached us and said that during the dry season the water wells in the village of twenty three hundred people would go dry.  They consulted with a civil engineer who designed a system to bring water from a source in the mountains two miles away. This source is two mountain streams that converge that flow year round, that would be piped down into the village. DirectConnect was able, with the help of International Disaster Emergency Services, (IDES) to provide the funding to purchase the piping and connectors to make the project a reality. The village committee organized the villagers to provide the necessary physical labor to do all digging and burying of the pipes. They also did a grid of trenches through the village and buried pipe and connected to the many homes.

Trucks deliver the piping

Villagers unload the pipes

Everyone pitches in to dig the trench and lay pipe

The village constructed a concrete sediment bowl to filter out debris from the source

DCHA Team journeys to the top of the mountain to inspect the final project

Steve Doty, Executive Director of DCHA follows the blue pipe.

The DCHA Team at the water source along with our village guides.

Success! Water in the village.