We are beginning to expand our efforts in Ukraine.  Our first visit to Ukraine was in October of 2016 with the purpose of assessing the needs.  We made contact with someone in Ukraine who was willing  to assist us in visiting places and finding those needing our humanitarian assistance.  We found the situation in Ukraine similar to our early visits to Belarus. Both countries were part of the former Soviet Union.

We met Anya in the city of Kremenchuk, which is located in the central part of Ukraine. She has been a real blessing to our efforts because she has been assisting people in Ukraine for years and was very grateful to have us join with her in helping the helpless. We have been able to visit the orphanages, shelters, poor families and children with disabilities, that she has been assisting on a regular basis.

We have been asked to upgrade a shower facility at a institution that provides care for children who have been exposed to tuberculosis. This is primarily a school where children stay until they can return to a healthy home environment. The existing shower facility is located in the basement where the conditions are outdated and limited lighting and inadequate warm water.  We have been asked to build out an existing large storage room, which is located on one of the upper floors, and convert it into a modern shower room.


            The orphanage is very old, but it is home to over 100 children. A new shower room would be a nice blessing!

Pictured: Our local contact Anya (L) speaking with DCHA Team, Charlie, Denya and Alan. Anya is talking about some of the needs to be addressed. Deputy of the TB Orphanage , Lubov is at the right.

The DCHA Team took a tour of the basement area of the school to see the shower area. The showers are in bad shape and need to be renovated. Suggested improvements include with new tiles, lighting and improving accessibility to warm water.

                             DCHA Team member, Alan Marshall, points out the current condition of  the  existing shower. 

The construction has begun with the demolition of the new location for the shower on a upper floor. This will move the shower out of basement and to a space where there is also natural light and not as damp as the previous location.