During our recent trip to Belarus in October 2014, we were able to provide some support to meet urgent needs. The director of a children’s shelter said that they were in need of basic cleaning supplies and clothing for the children, such as winter coats and boots for the upcoming winter season.

Shelter cleaning supplies, coats and boots.

                                                                          Cleaning supplies, coats and boots are ready to use.

The shelter was also in need of a washing machine to launder the children’s clothes.

New washer!

The Eugene Oregon Team of 2014 had raised the financial support for this shelter and sent the funds with our October team to make the presentation. Many thanks to the Oregon Team for their efforts!

Bill Compton and the 2014 Eugene Oregon Team!

                      Bill Compton and the 2014 Eugene Oregon Team — Ryan, Bill, Ian, Desi, Mindy and Jamie