Togo medical help

hammer nd delaRecently we received a request from Togo, Africa for assistance with an urgent medical procedure.  Kwame Hammer works with his local community assisting the sick and injured with medical care.  He said there was a man who has a terrible infection in his leg.  Even though they have spent months trying to heal the infection there has been no success.  Doctors now believe the only solution is to amputate the leg to save the man’s life. Hammer has requested financial assistance to help this individual pay for the surgery.  DCHA has agreed to assist with the financial aid for this operation to take place.

**The following photograph is graphic.**

We apologize for the graphic photo, but the suffering in this world needs to be seen.  Many people deal with this kind of affliction everyday not having the infrastructure and technology we are so accustomed to.  Awareness of these kinds of issues is what brings others to take action and step out to help their fellow neighbor.


leg infection 1