After visiting a young woman named Lenora in her home in Kosovo we were concerned with her health condition.  She suffers with pressure sores from her paralysis. She had multiple wounds,  some very severe.  Her living conditions were very poor and it was evident that her care was equally lacking.  Under these circumstances, as you would imagine, she seemed depressed and had a poor outlook on life.

After discussing the situation with Kimete, the home-care nurse that introduced us to her, DCHA agreed to provide support for the purchase of quality supplies for her care and to compensate Kimete for her time and travel expenses to make additional trips to visit Lenora. It was decided that regular one on one care for a period of three months could make a difference in giving these wounds a chance to heal.
Medical supplies for pressure sores

At the end of the three months Kimete reported great progress was being made with the wounds.  She advised that an additional month of care would be very beneficial for the more severe wounds.  The latest update proved to be successful with a report that two of her wounds finally closed and she is now able to treat them with ointment. Other wounds are progressing well but will take more time to close completely.


Kimete also reported that Leonora has suffered bites from some insects causing another infection in her body but she is receiving treatment for that as well. Kimete said that “some day you will come back to Kosovo and will be surprised by the condition of Leonora.  She is more positive and loves to live”.