We have just received these pictures and the final report on the construction of the new bridge in Can Tho, Vietnam.  This type of infrastructural improvements results in better quality of life for many people that will last for years to come. DCHA provided fifty percent of the total funding for this project. This bridge was built in cooperation with local Vietnamese government, Village Women’s Association, International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) and DirectConnect Humanitarian Aid (DCHA). With its width and protective railings, this bridge provides much safer transport over the river, and it also can support the weight of a small ambulance that can service this area.  These before and after pictures really highlight the difference.

Bach Pham from DCHA stands on the old bridge that was to be replaced.

Bach Pham (DCHA) stands on the old bridge that was to be replaced.

New bridge with dedication plaque.

New bridge with dedication plaque

Dedication Plaque

Dedication Plaque