After being contacted by Linda Nichols last year, a partnership began to help her charity, Sewing for Children.  Linda, who is a member of the Charlotte Church of Christ in Michigan, sews dresses for little girls in very poor places. The work of her charity was primarily directed to Appalachia and some Indian reservations here in the U.S., but it is now expanding to other countries.

Shipping costs have been an issue for the project, and we have pledged to assist with this expense.  In addition, the project has caught the interest of some local churches. Many women and men have gotten involved. The Bellevue Church of Christ has turned an area of one of their buildings into a virtual dress factory. Linda and her group meet weekly to cut, sew, and press dresses and prepare them for shipment.  Sewing for Children has produced over 6,000 dresses in the past year.

Linda shared a letter she received recently from a missionary in a village in Haiti, a recipient of some of her dresses.

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“…two of the dresses you sent to us went to a young girl who had nothing to wear. Her name was Dorcas and she was thirteen years old. Dorcas caught typhoid fever and passed away. We wanted you to know how much this little girl felt loved the last month of her life because of the dresses that were given to her. Her family buried her in one of the dresses your group made…” (Village of Jeremie, Haiti.)

For more information on the Sewing For Children project or how you can support their cause, e-mail Linda Nichols at  or call 517-231-3749.

Dresses in Belarus

                                                                                                                The little girls put on a bit of a fashion show!

Dresses in Ukraine


Dresses in Vietnam