The youth from Christ’s Church in Lima, Ohio enjoy playing soccer.  They have been working on a project they named “Kicking it Around the World” to provide the same opportunity to play soccer to kids around the world  as they have in the U.S.  Soccer balls are collected by donation or purchased with funds raised to support their cause.  The youth then give the soccer balls to missionaries and humanitarian groups that travel overseas for distribution in places where kids may not have them.

Direct Connect had a team travel to Kosovo and Belarus in February 2014 taking a dozen soccer balls to be distributed during the trip.  Soccer balls are readily available in these countries but in some of the poor areas kids may not be able to afford them.  In sharing the soccer balls with the youth in these countries we also shared the goodwill of our American youth.

Our Kosovo team members, Fjolla Duraku and Blerim Bobaj distributed the soccer balls.

In Belarus, team member Nicolai Balbutski made the distribution to children from the local school of a village by the name of Holholitsa as well as to a social shelter for children from troubled families in Mogilev.  Nicolai said the children liked their new soccer ball but when he said that it wass a gift from American children they thanked him even more!