Director Abandoned Babies HomeWe made a stop at the home for Abandoned Babies in Borisov.  Currently there are approximately 114 babies from age 0-3 years old living in this orphanage.  We have provided assistance to them in the past by purchasing clothes, shoes, and underwear.  It is apparent that the staff takes great care in their work and have a sincere love for these children.  The hard work the director and other ladies do for these babies is to be commended.  We will continue to provide assistance where we are able.

During our visit we were able to spend some time playing with a few of the children before lunch.  The children were excited to have visitors, especially the men, because the children are cared for primarily by women, and they rarely see men.

Playing with children at Abandoned Babies Orphanage

Playing with children at Abandoned Babies Orphanage 

Oleg and Alan greet orphan

Oleg Zhylianin and Alan Marshall greeted by orphan

Once a child turns four years old, they move to another orphanage if they have not been adopted.  A child who is not adopted or taken by a relative will continue to grow up in this system, moving on from orphanage to orphanage according to their age level until they are released into society usually around age 17, often unprepared for their future.

Denya can't resist this little girl

Denya Jacobs can’t resist this little girl