Alena Autuska, founder of Provincia, works with young persons training them in life skills and the dangers of falling victim to domestic violence and human trafficking. One of the projects we are currently supporting helps young women who have been trafficked as sex slaves. Alena first introduced us to a young orphan in 2007 that had been rescued from human trafficking.  She had become pregnant and wanted to abandon the baby at an orphanage.  The girl had grown up in the orphanage herself and having had no contact with her mother, she had no idea how to be one.  Alena offered to assist her but only if she kept the baby.

Orphan Mother with baby

Orphan with her baby

Now, seven years later we met the orphan girl again.  Alena was very pleased to share the progress the young girl has made. Her daughter is now seven years old and she has three other children. It was very apparent that she has learned some valuable things through Alena’s program. The children are well cared for, very well behaved, and happy.  It was apparent that they are very much loved. The father is doing his part to provide for the family as well.  Alena was beaming from ear to ear with pride at the fruit of her labor.  What she has done with this project in helping these young orphans that have fallen victim to their circumstances to rise up and be good mothers has been very successful.

Orphan Mother with children

Orphan Mother with her children