Kosovo medical training

As a part of the recent medical mission to Kosovo for training on pressure ulcers, we returned to Belarus with the purpose of sharing some of the same information with care givers dealing with the same issues.  We were invited by Ludmila Mankevich to meet  at a hospital for an informal exchange of ideas and discussion.
When we arrived we were greeted by the Chief Medical Doctor, Ludmila, and an enthusiastic photographer.  After a quick tour of the facility we were escorted to a meeting room for an informative presentation on the hospital and it’s history.

Niki Marancik and Denya Jacobs shared a short presentation of  the Kosovo Medical Mission training.  A brief question and answer session was followed by some sharing of information.  The discussion lead to a request for a future trip to present more in depth training.

Tour of facility during presentation

Tour of facility during hospital visit