Widows and Orphans

In any society the most vulnerable tend to be children and the elderly. At DirectConnect we try to focus on those who are especially vulnerable in this category; the orphan and the alone elderly. We work through our local contacts to identify elderly shut-ins and orphanages / children’s shelters that are in poor condition.

We make a site visit and evaluate the situation for ourselves and see what immediate and long term solutions are needed. We provide for basic support such as food, clothing, and medicine and we will also make sure that there is adequate shelter.

How We Are Helping

The Reason Why

I can't even remember her name. That is what bothers me the most. I don't know if anyone does. I took this photo in 1998 in an Eastern European orphanage on the very first trip when DirectConnect Humanitarian Aid was established. She was dying before our eyes. The one...

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Childrens shelter gets a boost!

During our recent trip to Belarus in October 2014 we were able to provide some support to meet urgent needs. The director of the shelter said that they were in need of basic cleaning supplies and clothing for the children. The children were in need of winter coats and...

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School Clothes for Vietnam Orphanage

We were notified by our contact in Can Tho, Mrs Phuong, that the children at the orphanage were in need of school clothes for the upcoming school year. We were able to send support for the clothes and the children will be dressed and ready to go! We have learned in...

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Sewing for Children

After being contacted by Linda Nichols last year a partnership began to help her charity, "Sewing for Children".  Linda is a member of the Charlotte Church of Christ, in Michigan.  She sews dresses for little girls in very poor places.  The work of her charity...

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