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Above: Steve Doty, President of DirectConnect Humanitarian Aid. gives a new doll to an orphan in Belarus. We invite you to read the following welcome letter from Steve.

Dear Friend,
Welcome – you’ll find that DirectConnect is a different kind of humanitarian aid organization.

We strive to deliver critically needed aid as quickly and inexpensively as possible, building on our strong relationships with local people in each country we serve.

No bureaucracy. No red tape.
No long delays or complex strategies.

Just help where it’s needed on a direct person-to-person basis.

Back in 1998, when I founded DirectConnect (formerly World Wide Humanitarian Aid), we didn’t think much about strategy.

Our mission grew naturally out of genuine, caring relationships with real people in places like Kosovo, Vietnam, and Belarus.

That approach continues today.



  • We work with some people at the grassroots level, such as local villagers, elderly shut-ins and street children.
  • We also work with local professionals, such as doctors, nurses and directors at various institutions (e.g. orphanages, clinics and schools).
  • Whenever possible, we meet with the leaders of local non-profits that are doing their best to do what they can with limited resources.

We’ve found that local people involved in charitable work are truly wonderful kosovo-memorials and caring individuals, because most of what they can afford to do, they do from the heart.

Our objective is to help them assist the helpless with financial assistance, equipment and education.

DirectConnect is different in other ways too. Unlike some other aid organizations, we don’t tell people what they need – they tell us.

And we listen.

We want to hear their stories because sometimes the need goes deeper than food or medicine or clean water.

Sometimes what they really need is an opportunity to reach beyond day-to-day survival and learn a new skill so they can help themselves – and others – more effectively.

east-europe-babyBringing health care workers to the United States and Western Europe for cross-training in new treatment methods and public health practices is an example of that work.

Addressing immediate needs in a lasting way is another guiding principle of our work.

For example, an orphanage we visited in Eastern Europe had no “potty chairs” for young children. They had to sit on a cold tile floor and use a metal bowl, which spreads disease and further misery. So we purchased potty chairs for the orphanage, along with much-needed infant formula and warm clothing.

When people notice that we really care about them,steve-in-philippines relationships develop.
We stay engaged with them and they with us.

The fact is, we aren’t trying to transform the world on a large scale impacting the masses; we will leave that for the government.

We will make a difference one on one, one by one, house to house and face to face, in a fast, efficient, and loving way.

If you’re interested in our unique approach to humanitarian aid, I encourage you to add your name to our free mailing list or pledge your tax-deductible support to our organization.

Please pray for our staff, clients and partners around the world. With your help, we’ll continue to be your direct connection to people in need.

May God bless you and your gift to others.

Thank you!

Best wishes,


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