Minor Construction

DirectConnect provides greater quality of life for individuals and communities through minor construction and infrastructure improvements. This includes upgrades to shelters and orphanages through the installation of quality windows, upgrading bathroom/shower facilities, and structural improvements to kitchens and sleeping areas.

Infrastructure projects we have implemented include wheelchair ramps and small bridges made of concrete, with safety railings, that connect villages, replacing the old bridges that were made from bamboo.

How We Are Helping

Bridge Connects Community

Bridge Connects Community

We have just received these pictures and the final report on the construction of the new bridge in Can Tho, Vietnam.  This type of infrastructural improvements results in better quality of life for many people that will last for years to come. DCHA provided fifty...

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New Foot Bridge Under Construction in Can Tho

New Foot Bridge Under Construction in Can Tho

During our visit to Vietnam in November 2013 we were asked if we could provide financial support to replace a foot bridge that was in poor condition. We agreed to this project and with the help of International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) we were able to send...

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Wheelchair Ramp for young woman

Wheelchair Ramp for young woman

During our visit to Kosovo in February 2014 we made some home visits to assess how some people with paralysis are coping at home. At one home which we visited we were introduced to a young lady named Nerxhivan Berisha who had fallen and suffered a severe back injury....

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