Medical Training

DirectConnect provides educational opportunities to professional people who provide specialized care to people in need. These may include, Doctors, Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists. Also mental health professionals and those who work with the disabled and elderly.

This is accomplished by providing subject matter experts that are able to conduct seminars and training in the host country, or by bringing the local professionals to the United States to participate in training opportunities here.

Helping those who currently are working in these fields, by upgrading their professional qualifications, can translate into better quality of care and quality of life for individuals and communities.

How We Are Helping

Medical Exams Vietnam 2015

Our Vietnam trip in April 2015 was blessed to have Jessica Nguyen, a registered nurse, as part of our team. Jesse was able to provide some basic examinations during some of our stops at the Blind Association in Hue, and at the orphanage in Can Tho. Our hope is to be...

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Dr. Yuri Rogov visit

Dr. Yuri Rogov from Belarus was able to come to the United States to participate in our professional development program. Dr. Rogov is a pathologist and has the responsibility of training all pathologist in Belarus. We have sponsored Dr. Rogov in the years past to...

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Information Sharing Leads to Future Opportunities

As a part of the recent medical mission to Kosovo for training on pressure ulcers, we returned to Belarus with the purpose of sharing some of the same information with care givers dealing with the same issues.  We were invited by Ludmila Mankevich to meet  at a...

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Kosovo Medical Mission Completed

Mission accomplished! We had mentioned in previous newsletters that we were planning a medical mission to Kosovo. The purpose of the trip was to provide training in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The Team consisted of Steve Doty and Jamie Kita from...

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