DirectConnect provides assistance to children so that they may attend school or participate in educational opportunities. We provide school uniforms and tuition if required, and basic school supplies such as paper, pencils, backpacks and other small items.

We provide equipment such as hearing devices and computers to help children with disabilities, and special programs designed for them that aid in learning.

We also help with material support to schools such as tables, chairs, and chalkboards. We also provide educational opportunities for educators (teachers and administrators) to attend seminars and continuing education programs that can aid them in developing their own programs that they can use in their local school districts.

How We Are Helping

New Opportunities

We just added a new stop to our humanitarian outreach programs.  This time it was to Okinawa Japan.  This is the result of a long term relationship that Charlie and Denya Jacobs have developed with Okinawan students through Montana State University (MSU).  This...

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DCHA Oregon Team Heads to Camp

The Eugene Oregon Team 2014 traveled to Belarus in August to participate in the third annual Provincia Camp for Belorussian teens. The camp objective was to provide life skills training for at risk Belorussian teens in a summer camp setting.     The Eugene team...

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Kicking It Around the World

The youth from Christ's Church in Lima, Ohio enjoy playing soccer.  They have been working on a project they named "Kicking it Around the World" to provide the same opportunity to play soccer to kids around the world  as they have in the U.S.  Soccer balls are...

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Life Skills Camp

Bill Compton is planning a return trip to Belarus with Jamie Bamford and four young adults to attend a life skills camp with Alena Autuska. Bill also led a team to Belarus in August 2013. This is a great opportunity for our young Americans to participate with the...

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